The Bonsai Society of Greater Springfield, is a group created by Bonsai enthusiasts from the Greater  Springfield (Massachusetts) area. Our society offers a friendly hands-on approach to the art of Bonsai. Members of the group learn the art  of Bonsai, through instruction, hands-on activities and sharing each other's personal experiences. 

            Throughout the year, our monthly meetings feature a large range of Bonsai topics, everything from basic care techniques to preparation for Bonsai display. All skill levels are welcome. If you are a beginner looking for a place to learn about bonsai, or a well-experienced artist wishing to share your knowledge,  The Bonsai Society of Greater Springfield would love to have you join. Please  feel free to bring your plants that you would like to share, or need guidance with. We hope to see you at our future meetings. If you are interested in Bonsai, then come and learn with us!

    B.S.G.S. meets on every 3rd Tuesday of the month (excluding July & August) at  7:00 p.m.. Meeting Location is the Historic Captain Leonard House, 663 Main St. Agawam, MA. If you’re not on our mailing list please send us an e-mail requesting to be added. 

  Our meeting Topic, time and location is also on our schedule of events on the Newsletters/Schedule page of website.

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B.S.G.S. Logo Larch

collected from bog in 1988

To contact us:

E-mail: SpringfieldBonsai@Hotmail.com


Practicing and Promoting the Art of Bonsai Together Since 1988

BSGS has changed it’s name to the

“Pioneer Valley Bonsai Society”

I hope to update Web Site in the near future.